Gravity Falls Masterpost!

Links to watch/stream each episode, under the cut so I can keep it updated. Let me know if any links are broken or if there are any problems! Thanks!

Now updating with season 2!


Episode 1: Tourist Trapped

Episode 2: The Legend of the Gobblewonker

Episode 3: Headhunters

Episode 4: The Hand that Rocks the Mable

Episode 5: The Inconveniencing

Episode 6: Dipper Vs. Manliness

Episode 7: Double Dipper

Episode 8: Irrational Treasure

Episode 9: The Time Traveler’s Pig

Episode 10: Fight Fighters

Episode 11: Little Dipper

Episode 12: Summerween

Episode 13: Boss Mable

Episode 14: Bottomless Pit!

Episode 15: Off the Deep End

Episode 16: Carpet Diem

Episode 17: Boyz Crazy

Episode 18: Land Before Swine

Episode 19: Dreamscapers

Episode 20: Gideon Rises


Episode 1: Scary-Oke

Episode 2: Into the Bunker

Episode 3: The Golf War

Episode 4: Sock Opera